Head, Industrial Management Department

Dr. Khaoula Khlie, PhD, PMP

600 500606
Liwa College, Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Otaiba Street (Al Najda Street previously), Al Danah, Baniyas Tower B, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Professional Summary

Dr. Khaoula Khlie, PhD, PMP

Business faculty with over 9 years of successful experience in teaching, research, and consulting. Has in-depth experience in Management, HR and Program/Projects coordination working with private organizations, federal departments, and non-profit organizations where she offered consulting and HR services, seminars, and training sessions. She is also an active member of non-profit-sector where she organizes events to facilitate the integration of newcomers into the Canadian community.

Short Bio

Khaoula is specialized in Supply chain and Quality Management. Prior to joining LC, Dr. Khaoula worked as an HR professional at the Government of Canada. Dr. Khaoula joined international conferences in Canada, Morocco and Portugal. She does research in Supply chain and Quality management.

Core Qualifications

  • Quality Management systems
  • Project Management
  • Production systems, Planning and Control
  • Process Engineering and Lean six Sigma
  • Supply chain management
  • Leadership, Marketing and Sales management
  • Financial investment and market evaluation
  • Entrepreneurship, business planning, Entrepreneurial Finances, Legal and Ethical issues


  • Ibn Tofail University, Morocco (2018)
    Ph.D. in Logistics and Industrial Engineering
  • Mohammadia School of Engineering, Morocco (2014)
    Master's degree in Industrial Engineering- Project Management
  • Preparatory classes of Tangier- Morocco (2011)
    Bachelor degree in Math, Physics and Engineering Science


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