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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Academic Adviser?

Any member of the academic faculty can act as an Academic Adviser. Academic Advisers provide advice and consultation to students as required.  At the beginning of the academic year, students are divided into groups according to their major and each group is guided and advised by a particular adviser.

How do I do online registration?

  • Talk to your Academic Advisor about your study plan and possible choices
  • In exceptional cases, such as registering for an alternative course or adding a new course that is not on the recommended list, consult with the concerned Head of Department to get written approval and submit this to the Registration team.
  • Check the tuition fees with the Finance Department.
  • Register and print your timetable electronically.
  • Obtain the required books from the Library.

What are the advantages of early registration?

Students are advised to register early for courses.  Late registration may result in places in preferred courses not being available.

What is drop and add period?

It is the period during which you can add or drop courses without losing the fees you have paid as follows:

  • Two weeks starting at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • One week starting at the beginning of the Winter or Summer semesters.

What should I do if I want to cancel a course after the drop and add period?

You must apply to the Registration Office to cancel the course but the fees paid will not be refunded.

What is the difference between cancelling a course in the drop and add period and course withdrawal?

If you cancel a course in the drop and add period, fees will be transferred to the following semester. However, if you withdraw from any course after the drop and add period, you will lose the fees and a W grade will be marked on your transcript.

What are credit hours and how many credits are allowed per semester?

Credit hours are the total hours that you get in a class. The credits of a particular subject are normally three in each class with no lab.

  • Permitted number of credits per semester: A student with an acceptable academic average (above 2) can take up to 15 – 18 credits.
  • A student with an accumulative average of 1. (2.00 – 2.49) can take five courses 2. (2.5 – 3.59) can take six courses. A student may take up to seven courses during a regular semester if they are graduating in the same semester. Students with a low academic average (less than 2) and who have received a warning can take twelve credits provided that they retake the courses for which they earned an F or D. 

Does a low CGPA (less than 2.0) affect my chance of registering for the following semester?

Yes, it does. You can take 12 credit hours only.

If I have a low CGPA or an academic warning, why can’t I take new subjects without retaking those for which I got low grades?

The reason for this is to make you work hard enough to raise your CGPA. Regarding the academic warning, you can retake the subjects with grades F or D to raise your CGPA.

What happens if my CGPA falls below 2?

You will get a first warning and be put under close observation for one semester. If you do not improve, you will get a second warning and remain under observation for a second semester. If your CGPA still does not improve, you will be dismissed from the program and will need to change your major.

Can I attend my courses at different times of the day? (Mornings, evenings, and weekends)

You can attend classes that you are registered in according to the timings offered in the semester.

Where can I get a 'To Whom It May Concern' document proving that I am a student at LC?

From the Registration Office.

Where can I get a transcript?

From the Registration Office.

Where can I get my LC identity card?

From the Student Affairs Office.

Can any of my relatives view my college documents, such as my attendance or study records?

Only your parents can view your official records and they must make an official application to do so.

Can I register or get any document about myself from the college over the phone?

According to the College bylaws, no information can be given over the phone. You must apply online for any documents or official papers.

What must I do if I want to change my major?

You must submit an online request. Similar courses that you have passed in your previous major will be counted if the grade for the course is C or above and your CGPA is not less than 2.0.

What should I do if I want to postpone my studies and for how long can I postpone?

You can postpone your studies for only one semester through the Student Affairs Office.

What are the negative impacts of late registration?

You will have no choice in your classes and timings and you may struggle to understand the aspects of the subjects that were covered before you joined the classes.

How many times can I repeat a course?

You can repeat any course as many times as possible within the allowed period. Your highest mark will be counted.