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How To Apply ?

Students applying for admission to any of Liwa College’s academic programs must hold a UAE Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent, as stated in the admission requirements set out in Ministerial Decrees No. 200/the year 2004 and No 133/the year 2005.

Applications are available with deadlines and instructions. Apply Now

Applications for admission should be submitted by the dates listed for each term.

Supplementary information and detailed information are available at the Office of Admissions.



Applications will be processed three times a year: Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. The Office of Admissions will provide and post the date, time, and place of the required entrance examination, if any.

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated on an individual basis. All documents received by Liwa College in connection with applications for admission will become the property of Liwa College and will not be returned to the applicant, forwarded to another institution, or duplicated for any other purpose except after the student’s graduation or withdrawal from the College. If the application is rejected, the original documents will be returned to the applicant with copies kept for Liwa College records.

Liwa College will admit qualified students regardless of color, gender, religion, national origin, or physical impairment/abilities. Physically challenged students must provide a request for any special needs support while attending Liwa College.

Control of Liwa College entry requirements is assigned to the Board of Trustees. The overall responsibility for applying these requirements and implementing the admission process lies with the Office of Admissions.
If you have any questions about the admissions procedures, please complete the Admission Enquiry Form and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

General Admission Requirements

Admission Procedures

Submission of Application: 

You can submit an application here.  You are encouraged to start the application process early.  Instructions and steps are also available on the application page and you can contact an Admissions Officer for help.

Documents Required:

To apply for any program offered by Liwa College, you must submit the following after completing the online application:

  • Original or certified copy of Secondary School Certificate attested by the UAE Ministry of Education
  • Seven different subjects from O, AS, or A Levels with a minimum grade of C or above
  • Copy of a valid passport (and residence visa for expatriates)
  • Copy of UAE National Family Registry for UAE nationals
  • Valid UAE Identity Card (EID)
  • One recent passport-sized color photographs
  • A no-objection certificate to study for male nationals from the National & Reserve Service
  • Original English proficiency certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, or EmSAT) if applicable
  • Official transcript and course syllabi from other universities for credit transfer if applicable
  • AED 3,500 as first payment (non-refundable)

Prospective students must sign a consolidated pledge (Liwa College/REG/F.02.01) at the Office of Admissions to complete the file. Applicants who have submitted incomplete applications will be asked to provide the missing information before their application can be assessed.

Informing the Student:

The Office of Admissions will inform the applicant of the status of his/her application through the Admission Acceptance letter.

Attestation of Documents:

If a certificate or statement is issued by an educational institution outside the UAE, it must be attested by the relevant authority in the UAE (such as the Ministry of Education, Education Board, or British Council), then the relevant country’s embassy in the UAE, then the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Admission Policy for Transfer Students

An application for transfer is required.  It will then be reviewed by admission staff and sent to Academic Officials for their decisions. Such applications must be accompanied by full documentation of previous studies, including certified transcripts of results and course descriptions or syllabies. A transfer may only be awarded for a course/subject completed successfully.  

Transferring from Other Institutions

Students wishing to transfer from accredited colleges or universities must complete the online application here (ADD LINK).  Please note the following:

  • A certified transcript issued by the university of origin must be submitted along with the prospectus of the program you have been following.
  • Each course considered for transfer should have a number of credit hours not less than the equivalent course offered by Liwa College.
  • You should have passed the course considered for transfer purposes with a grade of C or above.
  • The course content should match at least 75% of the corresponding course offered at Liwa College.
  • You should complete at least 50% of the program offered at Liwa College.
  • No credit hours will be given for work experience, internships, or practical courses.
  • Transfer credits may be granted for a combination of two or more courses.

Transfer Conditions

  • Students who transfer from accredited colleges or universities with a GPA greater than 2.0 will be considered for admission.
  • Transfer students with a GPA less than 2.0 may be admitted to programs in fields different to the one from which they are transferring and placed under probation.
  • The maximum course load of a student on probation is 12 hours per semester.
  • Students on probationary admission should have a GPA of 2.0 at the end of the first semester. Students must sign a declaration form committing to this requirement upon admission.
  • Transfer students who passed the UAE Secondary School Certificate with a score less than 60% may be accepted into Liwa College under the following conditions:
  • They should have spent a full academic year at any other accredited college or university
  • Their cumulative GPA must be 2.5 or above
    • To grant the status of ‘transferred student’ they should have spent a full academic semester at any accredited college or university and have taken at least 12 credit hours.
    • Transfer students should provide evidence of meeting the English proficiency requirement for majors taught in the English language, i.e. an EMSAT score of 1100, TOEFL score of 500, or IELTS score of 5.0, to be admitted into an Liwa College program. Transfer students from western universities or colleges outside the UAE where the language of instruction is English will be admitted directly if they provide evidence that they were admitted into their respective institutions based on a TOEFL score of 500 or IELTS 5.0.

Credit Transfers for Liwa College Students from Other Institutions

  • Only Liwa College graduating students can transfer courses from other accredited educational institutions while studying at Liwa College if these courses are needed for their graduation and are not offered at Liwa College.
  • These students cannot take more than six courses in a regular semester or three courses in a Summer semester at Liwa College, including the courses to be transferred.
  • A maximum of two courses can be transferred in any semester.
  • The content of any transferred course should not be less than 75% of the content of the equivalent Liwa College course.
  • Students should obtain prior written approval from the Dean for any course to be transferred.