Tuition Fees

Admission Tuition Fees – 2023/2024

It’s important to realize that the tuition and fees shown here may be more than your out-of-pocket expenses. One thing to remember is that there are options to assist in making education more affordable. Among these are flexibility of the payment plans, scholarships, financial aid, and sponsorship.

Credit Hour Fees Abu Dhabi Campus Al Ain Campus
Faculty of Business AED 1150 AED 1050
Faculty of Media & Public Relations AED 1200 AED 1050
General Education AED 1100 AED 990 
Faculty of Engineering AED 1550 N/A
Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences (Health Care Management) AED 1300 AED 1050
Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences (Health Information Management) AED 1300 N/A
Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences (LAB and Medical Diagnostic Imaging) AED 1350 AED 1150
Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences (Respiratory Care & Emergency Medical Care) AED 1400 N/A
Faculty of Information Technology AED 1200 AED 990


Other fees are as follows

Admission (first semester) AED 500 one time
Registration (Long semesters) AED 500 / Semester
Registration (Short semesters) AED 250 / Semester
Books and Study Materials AED 300 / Course
Student Services (Long semesters) AED 650 / Semester
Student Services (Short semesters) AED 325 / Semester
IT Lab AED 600 / Course if applicable
Studio / Lab AED 150 / Semester if applicable
Diploma Certificate Fee AED 200 one time
Bachelor Certificate Fee AED 200 one time
Graduation Fees (first semester) AED 500 one time
Health Services Fees (Long semesters) AED 100 / Semester
Health Services Fees Short semesters) AED 50 / Semester
English Level Fee AED 3300 / Each level


General Rules and Information for Tuition Fees

  • The College sets out clear and consistent information about its fees and financial policies. The Policy is established in compliance with the requirements of the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) and relevant Directives of the Ministry of Education (MOE).
  • The Student Fees Policy contains information on the following sections:
    • 1. General terms and conditions.
    • 2. Billing and invoicing.
    • 3. Payment methods and schemes.
    • 4. Refunds.
    • 5. Fee processes for sponsored students.

    * Click on the Student Fees Handbook for more information on the Student Fees Policy sections.

  • The College reserves the right to change or update any tuition or non-tuition fee during the academic year. The fee schedule will be updated and students will be informed of the change prior to the start of the semester in which the new fees apply.
  • Scholarships and financial aid are available to all College students, as set out in the Scholarships and Financial Aid Handbook/policies.