Welcome To Research And Innovation Unit at Liwa College

Research is central to the quality of teaching and learning. It allows faculty members to further their professional development and contribute to scholarship in their academic disciplines. Faculty achievements in research also enhance Liwa College’s reputation and its academic ranking within the UAE and globally. Liwa College aspires to promote a healthy research atmosphere that advances the intellectual life of faculty members and increases the research output of the College.

The College is guided by the standards of the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) and the expectations of the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) that higher education institutions in the UAE will contribute to the development of an economy focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. Liwa College incorporates research achievements into the performance management system for faculty members.

Key Principles Governing Research Activities at Liwa College

  • Faculty members are free to select the subject areas of their research within academic fields in which they are qualified. They are free to seek support from any source inside or outside the College for their work, and they are free to draw their own findings and conclusions from their research.
  • Liwa College promotes an environment conducive to research. This may include the provision, as appropriate, of research funding, facilities, and other forms of support as appropriate and by the approval of the College Provost.
  • Liwa College encourages its faculty members to participate in interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research programs to meet the global demands of business, private and public sectors, and the community.
  • Faculty members are responsible for conducting their research in a professional and ethical manner. They are expected to uphold intellectual honesty, protect the privacy and anonymity of research subjects, and treat all research data with confidentiality.
  • Liwa College encourages its faculty members to disseminate their research by participating in conferences, workshops, seminars, research visits, and collaboration with external laboratories, research groups, research entities, and any other forum relevant to their areas of specialization.

Head of Research Unit’s Message

Abu Abdo
Dr. Ahmad Abu Abdo
Acting Head of Research Unit Liwa College

As the Head of the Research Unit at our prestigious college, I would like to underline the significance of innovation, collaboration, and excellence in our pursuit of knowledge. Through rigorous scientific investigation and cutting-edge research, our college is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human understanding. Scientific research is essential for tackling the complicated problems that society is currently confronting in the quickly changing world of today.

We are committed to creating an atmosphere where our faculty members and students can explore novel concepts, push the limits of their respective professions, and contribute significantly to the field of science.

We are dedicated to providing financial support, tools, and infrastructure required to encourage discoveries, whether they be in the fields of engineering, information technology, healthcare, media, and business, or any other to our faculty members and students.

I urge every faculty member and student to follow their research interests, look for chances for teamwork, and get involved in initiatives that could lead to beneficial change. Together, we can build on the tradition of scientific brilliance that our college has established and change the world for the better.

I appreciate your commitment to acquiring knowledge, and I am looking forward to the amazing scientific advancements that will result from the work of our college in the future.


To be a one of the leading institutions in addressing real-world challenges and benefits the industry and UAE and the international societies.


To provide our students and faculty members the required support to engage in research activities that enhance the teaching and learning experience, and to work hand in hand with the industry to implement an applied research program that develops practical solutions to current and future challenges.


LC’s research strategy represents the values of Quality, Partnership, Innovation, and Relevance. These values are supported and highlighted by our vision and mission, drive our strategic goals, and are in full alignment with the institutional values.



  • Produce the highest quality research that addresses real-world challenges and benefits the industry, the society, and the economy.


  • Collaborate with the industry to work hand in hand to implement an applied research program that develops practical solutions to current and future challenges.


  • Establish an applied research program that fosters the development of innovative and practical solutions addressing real-world problems.


  • Encourage research activities that are aligned with the UAE Research Priority Sectors and industry needs.

Research Strategy

Liwa College prioritizes applied and basic research that addresses real-world challenges and benefits the industry, the society, and the economy, in alignment with UAE national objectives.

Research and Development