Associate Professor

Dr. Ghada Salih

600 500606
Liwa College, Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Otaiba Street (Al Najda Street previously), Al Danah, Baniyas Tower B, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Professional Summary

Dr. Ghada Salih, PhD

Dr. Ghada Salih is an Associate Professor in the Department of Digital Media at the College of Mass Communication. She has 21 years of teaching experience in higher education institutions. She has gained extensive experience in various fields, including teaching, administration, research, and training. She has assumed various roles such as program Leader of the Mass communication Program, General supervision of Committee for academic re-accreditation and self-study preparation for the Media Department 19-21 AD and a member of the UNESCO Chair for Communication ORBICOM.

Short Bio

Dr. Ghada Saleh has extensive experience in teaching and administrative leadership in the higher education sector. Her participation in many conferences, forums, seminars, and workshops has greatly enhanced her educational skills, which has led to the support of knowledge and the development of teaching methods.
In addition to her educational duties. She is involved in curriculum development and review, while also serving on esteemed committees such as: Academic Reaccreditation Committees, Examination Review Committees, Course File Review Committees, Research Committee, Learning Resources Committee, Equivalency Committees, Job Interview Committees and Program Effectiveness Committees…. and others.
Dr. Ghada has a record of publications in prestigious journals and conferences. Her research experience spans multiple areas, including digital media, media effects, media artificial intelligence, audience studies, and specialized studies using content analysis methodologies. Moreover, Dr. Ghada has demonstrated skills in arbitration of an estimated number of journals, conferences, and peer-reviewed books to achieve the research goals.
Traditional and electronic interactive teaching strategies and a focus on aligning the theoretical aspect with the applied aspect and refining students’ skills and graduating students to higher levels of thinking.

Core Qualifications

  • Team leading and committee management.
  • Annual courses evaluations and reports.
  • Curriculum design and management.
  • Teaching and training students on professional and innovative traditional and digital media production
  • Training students on creating digital content through podcasts, electronic journalism, and digital platforms, in addition to my personal interest in voiceover.
  • Students’ project Supervision.


  • Ph.D. in Radio and Television with Excellent Grade, College of Mass Communication, University of the Noble Qur’an and Islamic Sciences, Sudan, May 27, 2008, AD, “Thesis title: The Role of the Television Correspondence Team in Producing News Shows, An Applied Study on Al Arabiya Channel.”
  • Master of Radio and Television, Grade Excellent, Faculty of Mass Communication, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan, December 30, 2002, AD, entitled "The Educational Dimensions of Animation: An Applied Study on Animation on Sudanese Television."


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