Assistant Professor

Dr. Zoubida Benmamoun, PhD

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Liwa College, Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Otaiba Street (Al Najda Street previously), Al Danah, Baniyas Tower B, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Professional Summary

Dr. Zoubida Benmamoun, PhD

Dr. Zoubida Benmamoun is an assistant professor in the Industrial and Mechanical Department at the Engineering faculty, with tenure exceeding two decades in the realm of higher education institutions and Industry. She worked as an Adjunct Professor at Hassan II University and as a senior consultant of Supply Chain Management for many international organizations, also as a Procurement and Supply Chain manager for different Aerospace and Engines companies: Boeing, Airbus, Safran Space Group, Linde Forklifts, and Daher Nuclear & Aerospace Technologies.

Short Bio

Dr. Zoubida Benmamoun brings a wealth of experience in teaching and administrative leadership within the higher education sector. Her involvement in numerous meetings, seminars, conferences, and workshops has significantly enriched her pedagogical repertoire, resulting in enhanced teaching methods, skills, and overall knowledge.

Beyond her instructional pursuits. She actively participates in curriculum and syllabi development, while also serving on esteemed committees such as the International Accreditation Committee, examination committees, equivalence committees, disciplinary committees, and others.

Dr.Zoubida has a record of publications in prestigious journals and conferences around the world: Italy, the Czech Republic, Thailand, Morocco, Indonesia, and Uzbekistan. Her research expertise spans across multiple fields, including Operation Excellence, Supply Chain Management, Optimization, education, and specialized studies utilizing content analysis methodologies. Furthermore, Dr. Zoubida has demonstrated leadership skills by leading a research grant and effectively managing resources to achieve research objectives.

Core Qualifications

  • Team leading and committee management
  • Annual programs evaluations and reports
  • Curriculum design and management
  • Training needs analysis, training design and development and training delivery
  • Students’ project and research competitions Supervision


  • Ibn Tofail University, Morocco, 2019
    Doctor of Philosophy: Industrial Engineering
    Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering
  • ESITH Engineering School /Morocco, 2007
    Master's & Bachlor’s Degree : Engineering in Supply Chain Management


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