Questions Related to Absence/Attendance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is monitoring for absences and attendance?

The Student Affairs Office.

What is the maximum number of absences allowed. What will happen if I exceed this limit?

The absence limit is 30% of the total hours for each course. If you exceed this, you will be withdrawn from the course and you will not be allowed to attend the course again or take the final exam.  The grade on your transcript will be EW (Enforced Withdrawal).

Will a medical excuse cancel the absence?

All excuses, including medical excuses, will be counted. In other words, a medical excuse that takes you above the 30% limit will still be counted as an absence.

What is the use of a medical excuse if it does not remove my absence?

A medical excuse will enable you to take missed exams or to present a project after the deadline.

When will I be forced to withdraw from the course due to absences? Will I receive a warning?

The Student Affairs Office normally sends three warnings:

  • First warning – when absences reach 10%
  • Second warning – when absences reach 20%
  • Third and final warning – when absences reach 30%

You will receive these warnings by Email, and they will also be displayed on the notice board.

How will I be affected by enforced withdrawal from a course?

Withdrawing from the course means that you have to repeat the course. If you were forced to withdraw due to absence, EW will be shown next to the course on your transcript.  You then have to pay the course fees again, in addition to delaying completion of the program.