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Media & Public Relations

Prof. Badran AbdelRazzaq M.H. Badran

Dean, Faculty of Media and Public Relations
  • Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts, Communication (Media minor), 1984.
  • M.A. Indiana University’s School of Journalism, Bloomington, Indiana, Journalism, 1981.
  • B.A. (Hons) Kuwait University, Kuwait, English Language & Literature (Linguistics minor), 1979.
  • Certificate in Travel and Tourism, University of Oxford, 1998.
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Dr. Amor Ben Amor

Head, Public Relations Department
  • PhD in Communication, Laval University (Canada), 2007.
  • Master in Public Communication, Laval University (Canada), 2003.
  • Bachelor in Corporate Communication Press and Information Sciences Institute (IPSI), Manouba University (Tunisia), 2000.
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Dr. Yasir Yousif Aboalgasim

Dr. Yasir Yousif Aboalgasim

Head, Digital Media Department
  • PhD, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan, 10-SEP-2007
    Title of Ph.D. Dissertation The role of communication technology in the development of television production. (Applied Study on the use of digital technology in the TV editing in Sudan)

  • Master, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan ,10-SEP-2001
    Title of Master Dissertation The role of radio in foreign relations (Applied study on a program of political talk in Sudanese national radio).

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Dr. Rafif Samar Faisal

Assistant Professor
  • University of X Marseille 2, France, 2015,
    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): Communication and Information Sciences
  • University of X Marseille 2, France, 2009,
    Master’s Degree: Communication and Information Sciences
  • United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates, 2002, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc): Mass Communication
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Dr. Ghada Salih

Associate Professor
600 500606
  • Ph.D. in Radio and Television with Excellent Grade, College of Mass Communication, University of the Noble Qur’an and Islamic Sciences, Sudan, May 27, 2008, AD, “Thesis title: The Role of the Television Correspondence Team in Producing News Shows, An Applied Study on Al Arabiya Channel.”
  • Master of Radio and Television, Grade Excellent, Faculty of Mass Communication, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan, December 30, 2002, AD, entitled “The Educational Dimensions of Animation: An Applied Study on Animation on Sudanese Television.”

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Dr. Ahmed Sakr

Dr. Ahmed Sakr

Assistant Professor
  • Doctorate (PHD)
    University: Ain Shams University. Cairo.
    Country: Egypt
    Date of Obtaining: Sep 2003
    Major: PhD in Advertising and digital Design
  • Master
    University: Mansoura University
    Country: Egypt
    Date of Obtaining: Dec 1998
    Major: Advertising & Media Production Education
  • Bachelor
    University: Helwan University – faculty of fine arts
    Country: Egypt
    Date of Obtaining: June 1989
    Grade: Excellent
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Dr. Ryadh Ben Amor

Dr. Ryadh Ben Amor

Assistant Professor
  • University of Tunis, Tunisia, 2013
    Ph. D. in Sciences and Technology of Arts, specialty: Visual Communication.

  • University of Tunis, Tunisia, 2003
    Master’s degree in sciences and technology of arts, specialty: Graphic Design.

  • University of Tunis, Tunisia, 1995
    Bachelor’s Degree in art education
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Dr. Rania Dafalla

Dr. Rania Dafalla

Assistant Professor
  • PhD in Mass Communication – University of Khartoum – 2016.
    )Media and issues of cultural diversity(

  • Master of Media in Mass Communication – University of Khartoum 2006
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Dr. Mohamed Rashad Ahmed

Assistant Professor
  • Cairo University, Cairo, 2015
    Ph.D. in Journalism and Mass Communication.
  • Cairo University, Cairo,, 2011
    Master’s Degree: Journalism and mass communication.
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Dr. Maeen Saleh Yahya Al-Maitamy

Associate Professor
  • PhD, The Affecting Factors on Persuasion Architecture of The Internet Websites
    Analytical and Field Study on Arab Media Websites
    , Cairo University – Faculty of Mass Communication. (Egypt), 2012
  • MA, Internet Users’ Preferences to the Interface Designs of the Arabic News Websites
    Analytical and Experimental Study about the Websites Directed to Arabs
    , Cairo University – Faculty of Mass Communication. (Egypt), 2009
  • BA, Journalism, College of Mass Communication , University of Baghdad – (Iraq – Baghdad), 2000
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Dr. Khalid Abdalla Ahmed Dirar

Dr. Khalid Abdalla Ahmed Dirar

Assistant Professor
  • Omdurman Islamic University/ Khartuom, 2008
    Doctor of Philosophy: Media
    Ph.D. in public relations and advertising.
  • Omdurman Islamic University/ Khartuom, 2005
    Master’s Degree: Media/ public relations and advertising

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Dr. Ibnaouf Hassan Ahmed

Dr. Ibnaouf Hassan Ahmed

Assistant Professor
  • Academic Degree: PhD in Media (specializing in Public Relations), Faculty of Mass Communication, Omdurman Islamic University 2012.
  • MA in Media (specializing in Public Relations), Faculty of Mass Communication, Omdurman Islamic University, 2007.
  • Bachelor’s degree with honors: in Mass Communication (specializing in Public Relations), Faculty of Mass Communication, Omdurman Islamic University, 2004.
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Professor. Abdulmalek Aldanani

  • Doctoral thesis entitled: Arab media and the challenges of media globalization – a study on the model of satellite broadcasting, Iraq, in 2004.
  • Master Thesis entitled: The Information Function of the Internet – A Survey Study to Know Its Uses in the Field of Media, University of Baghdad, Iraq, 1999.
  • Bachelor of Mass Communication: University of Baghdad, College of Arts, Department of Information, Iraq, in 1995.
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Dr. Amgad Abdalaziz

Dr. Amgad Abdal Gader Awad Abdalaziz

Assistant Professor
  • Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan, 2010.
    Doctor of Philosophy: Media.
    Ph.D. in Journalism and Publication.
  • Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan, 2005.
    Master’s Degree : Media.
    Majoring in: Journalism.
  • Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan, 1999.
    Bachelor’s degree: Media.
    Majoring in: Journalism and Public Relations.
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Dr.Abdulazeez khalaf Khaleel Al jibouri

Dr.Abdulazeez khalaf Khaleel Al jibouri

Assistant Professor
  • PhD in Media / Journalism, Institute of Arab Research and Studies, University of Arab States / Arab Republic of Egypt (2012). With first class honors
  • MA in Media / Journalism, Faculty of Arab Research and Studies Institute, University of Arab States, the Arab Republic of Egypt (2010). Honors
  • High Diploma in Media, Institute of Arab Research and Studies / Cairo 2008, with a grade of very good
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication, College of Arts, Baghdad State University, Republic of Iraq (1986/1987). Grade: Good.
  • Bachelor of Law / College of Law / University of Babylon, (1998/1999) average grade
  • Higher diploma in Islamic law and Quranic sciences, the Center for the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet / Iraq / Baghdad 2002, with distinction.
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